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Please consider to sponsor ASXL Families and contribute to our Family Scholarships Fund!


When most families visit their doctors, their child is the doctor’s only ASXL patient. Often one parent must quit employment to manage his/her child’s complex medical care and fragmented bureaucracy for services. Medical supplies, medicines, testing, and equipment may not be covered.

We invite you to support our Family Scholarships Fund to subsidize and sponsor travel so that families can obtain important information from ASXL medical and scientific professionals, connect with other families who have similar struggles, and provide patient samples for research. Please consider to donate today — any amount is appreciated.

THANK YOU for your continued support and for joining us on this incredible journey!


For ASXL Families — 2019 Conference

The ARRE Foundation will subsidize hotel stays for all families at the Hilton Garden Inn where the family portion of the conference will be hosted. The subsidy for ASXL families will be for both July 19 & 20, 2019 at the rate of $95 USD plus taxes and fees. Families are responsible for providing their credit card at check in and are responsible for any incidentals during their stay.  Meals will be provided during the conference.


ARRE will also offer travel scholarships to families of ASXL patients to help offset the cost of travel to the 2nd ASXL Conference at the University of Michigan, from July 19-21, 2019 (Hilton Garden Inn, Ann Arbor). The travel bursary is meant for those patients and caregivers who would not be able to fully cover the cost of travel from their home to Michigan to attend the conference in person.

An independent party will review, evaluate, and approve applications based on the information provided below. Consideration will be given to the type of travel required and the associated cost, as well as the number of applications received. Scholarships will be awarded to successful applicants. 

The travel scholarship application deadline is May 14, 2019. Approved families will be notified via email. Please see the link regarding sponsorship for the 2nd ASXL Conference at the University of Michigan to see how you can get involved and help obtain additional funding to cover travel costs. 

Eligibility Criteria

  • Family of an ASXL patient

  • Attendance during the entire duration of conference in Michigan

  • In need of financial assistance to attend                                              

What the travel scholarship will subsidize:

  • Economy travel (flight, rail)

  • Car mileage

What the travel bursary does not cover:

  • Any meals that are not provided during the conference

  • Incidentals

Applicants will notified of the status of their application on May 24, 2019 and will be required to notify ARRE if they will accept or decline the travel scholarship by May 31, 2019.  The check will be distributed at the conference, upon providing receipts for the transportation costs along with the completed travel expense form.

The 2019 ASXL Conference Scholarship period has ended and all scholarships have been awarded. If you cannot travel to Michigan, please join us virtually via livestream. Stay tuned for more details.