2019 ASXL Conference - AGENDA

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Friday, July 19th

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Professional Day (for Scientists and Researchers; Families are optional) at the Biomedical Science Research Building, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Campus

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Saturday, July 20th

Medical Research & Family Day at the Hilton Garden Inn, Ann Arbor

Special Guests - THERAPY DOGS!

Biobanking & Registries

  • Simons VIP & ASXL Biobank - sample collection

  • ASXL Registry enrollment

Note: Simons will be creating a video during the conference and families can participate! They will ask questions about the process to obtain a diagnosis, finding a community, and the patient experience.

FaceBase Enrollment

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  • Catered lunch for families and professionals

  • ASXL Family Dinner at Revel & Roll

    • Wheelchair accessible transportation and food will be provided at no charge

    • Adaptive Bowing & Arcade!


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Sunday, July 21st


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