Services in the US Part VI of VI - Waitlists and Waiver


Waitlists and Waivers 

What is it? Waitlists for waivers that will give Medicaid and and Home-Community Based Services based on a child’s disability regardless of family income. 

Who qualifies: Anyone with a disability 

What can they help me with? Respite care, home access modifications (ramps, showers), nursing care, vehicle modifications (wheelchair lift), doctor visits, hospitalizations, surgeries, , dental care, speech/physical/occupational therapy, in-home skilled nursing care, durable medical supplies (e.g. diapers, feeding tube supplies), and transportation to and from appointments. 

How do I get in contact with them? Please stop what you are doing right now and go add your child to every waiver list your state offers. We waited 6.5 years to qualify and in some states the wait is up to 10 years. 

State-by-state waiver waitlist directory: 


This is by no means a comprehensive list, but these services are a good place to start. What has worked for you? What advice would you give parents when they start the application process for their child? Please tell us in the comments below. 


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