How We Got Here

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Read the incredible and inspiring story of Amelia Walsh, who overcame many obstacles and learned how to walk independently.   It is an amazing milestone and accomplishment with tremendous support from her family, providers, and team involved with her care.  BRAVO Amelia!!!  

Amelia Rose Walsh was born 11/2012 in Oklahoma CIty. She was full term and it was a normal pregnancy. She left the hospital without issue, and passed all her newborn testing. Amelia was very difficult to feed initially and we had a hard time with her weight. She was also a very quiet and easy baby. She never really seemed to want for anything and we also noticed that she never seemed to make eye contact with us. There was no cooing or staring at our faces like you read about in baby books. We then moved back to Massachusetts when she was 6 months old. She was seen by a new pediatrician and again, delayed on a few milestones but still no huge concerns that she would not catch up. When she was still not sitting by 9 months, we were referred to Early Intervention (EI), Neurology, Ophthalmology and for a hearing screen. It became clear that she had more then just some delays. She had low tone, absent reflexes, some visual difficulties and several other features common to BRS kiddos. Thus we began A LOT of therapy. As much as we could do, we did for her. We started her therapy at 10 months of age.